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Powerful Blogging
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  Engage The Readers  

On internet, you have the liberty to type long stories; put funny videos and funny links on your Facebook wall, or tweet till you feel like you have covered almost every topic on this earth. In short, a lot of space on the web is covered with your creatively written content, but this content would be of no use if there aren’t many people out there who are accessing your content. Having about thousand of Facebook fans or more than 500 followers on twitter isn’t that great achievement when not even 30% of them come regularly to the page to see what’s new.

We generally determine the success and efficacy of a certain article by evaluating the feedback given by the public. If it is twitter, we count the numbers of “retweeted” posts or number of time that content is being shared over several platforms. In some other cases, the success rate is determined by the number of people who “Digg” the article or click on the youtube link on your page. However on personal blogs, it is the analytics and the comments which matter the most. Your blogs must answer the following few questions like, is your blog the voice of many people out there? Can people relate to it and are motivated to share their thoughts? If the answer is anything but yes, then there might be something not right with your blogging content.

Does that mean blogging has some rules? No. there isn’t really any rule. Blogging is the emblem of freedom which means a blogger can put almost anything he wants to share with the world or wants to bring attention to. A blogger can even take help from videos and hypertext to link the readers with related information anywhere on internet. You can also make money through blogger by monetizing your blog by affiliating it with advertisements and links of services and products. Active blogging means increasing your outreach to the people, here you should remember that the only key to have regular readership is by blogging to readers. This will encourage the readers to post their feedback. Below mentioned are few points that you can include in your blog for increasing the readership of your blog

Ask Questions: Use your blog to let people discuss and talk after tossing a question towards them. This is an important factor to ascend as an authority-holding blogger. Debates and encouraging readers to share their point of views not only create a good atmosphere for them to interact but also help you by increasing the flow of reader’s traffic on your blog.

Accept Criticism: Keep in mind that no one is invulnerable of negative comments and feedback. Internet is not a perfect world and controversies take place with every click. So when you see a hate-post on your page, do not reply back violently but take a moment and read it rationally to find out what made the reader to negate your views about the certain topic. The thought to delete the post may cross your mind, but leave the comments intact and deal with the reader gracefully.

Remain Topical: Talk about what’s hot! The secret to remain popular with readers is to write about the topics that are new and in vogue. Do not blog about some story that took place two years ago when the latest trend was about two famous celebrities’ break up. Use humor as a tool and experiment with different topics to see what your readers’ response is and what topic is your forte.

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Traffic Blogging With Donna And David

Coach Sean Mize Teaching What The Tin Claims 65 Minutes Audio Training [...]


Internet Marketing

Powerful Blogging

Affiliate marketing is one way in which bloggers utilize their blog to generate revenue. [...]


Internet Marketing

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