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  The Right Blogging Platform  

If you are a marketing student and currently studying in a business university and still you don’t have a blog of your own then it means you don’t exist. Recently I attended a seminar conducted by a professional trainer who told the audience that people who don’t blog actually do not exist! We were asked to start blogging by writing daily about something which happened with us during the day, so this chapter is basically about how you can start blogging by choosing the right blogging platform. In the previous chapter we have been discussing about different types of blogging and their strategies, now we will discuss which platform is right for you to use for publishing your content.

I would be sharing some tips regarding the blogging platforms which will be of great help for you. Firstly you need to consider some things which will be essential for you when starting blogging and selecting a platform. So the tips are as follows.

  • Identify your goals- if you want to pursue your career in blogging later on in your life then you may choose a platform which will be completely different from the platform which people join just for hobby. Many people find blogging interesting but do not wish to do any professional work, such kind of people choose totally different platforms.
  • After you have identified the goal behind the reason you want to blog, you will then need to see your budget. This is a crucial step which you cannot skip. There are free platforms, however if you wish to hide your work from being copied then you will have to get a domain name and you may have to pay for hosting too.
  • There are few things which you need to learn while making a blogging website. You will have to look for those platforms which are easier to operate. You will have to work upon things which will be helpful for you. In case you face any problems in making a blog website you can hire some professionals or etc to guide you.
  • I used to read a friend’s blog regularly; however one day the blogging platform was no more where I could read those blogs! My friend told me that she was unaware about the platform and many platforms are for short term blogging. So the reason why I am telling you this is because you will have to see whether you want your blogs to be there for a long time or not. So you better choose a platform which stays for a long time so that your work can be appreciated. Moreover this way you won’t have to change your platforms again and again if you stick to a right platform.

Most websites are for free and many students may start blogging on such websites however there is a disadvantage of doing this. These websites may delete your posts without informing you which would lead to disasters if your work is valuable. However when you choose websites which provide you with a domain name or hosting, you will not lose your work. Although in the beginning nobody wants to pay for a domain name until and unless they are interested in blogging for professional reasons.

Once you start blogging you will find it fascinating and interesting. You can follow the above mentioned tips to join the right platform and start blogging right away.

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Traffic Blogging With Donna And David

Coach Sean Mize Teaching What The Tin Claims 65 Minutes Audio Training [...]


Internet Marketing

Powerful Blogging

Affiliate marketing is one way in which bloggers utilize their blog to generate revenue. [...]


Internet Marketing

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