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Traffic Blogging With Donna And David
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Powerful Blogging
Affiliate marketing is one way in which bloggers utilize their blog to generate revenue. ...
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  The Ultimate Recipe  

A blog is in fact the base of your outreach to the marketing world. Many companies use blogging as an advertising tool; but not successfully. And their flaw lies in the fact that they use blog as a platform to expose their products to the world. What should they do? They should use the blog as a platform to advertise their products and give related valuable information to the readers which will not only impress them but will also give something to stay longer at your page and explore.

So what is the correct way to use a blog for online advertisement?

The first step always is to get the readers’ attention by building the base by providing relevant information in an interesting way. This interest will cause them to consider buying your product. This will not only help you sell the product but also become the master of the field.

What should the blog contain?

1. Solve problems. You will eventually be able to get a steady readership if your blog offers solutions to some related common problems.

2. be provocative. Generate some heated discussion by talking about some controversial topics.

3. Encourage interaction. Let the readers share their thoughts. This will attract readers.

4. Save time. Write most precise and informative content that you can come up with. Wasting time will repel readers.

5. Feel free to ask for contributions. Your colleagues, or customers, even friends can also add to the content and comments.

Why is blogging so important? Because

1. Blogs are search engine friendly. Keep your blogs updated because that will attract the search engine spiders. With your every new entry, a new page is set up in the index of search engine which in turn generates the additional listing. Thus more traffic is attracted and search engines add your blog page to the listing.

2. Blogs are low-priced or in the most cases, free! You do not need to depend on expensive IT sections but just use an open source soft ware and get your own blog page.

3.  It is very easy to update and run a blog. The key is to keep the updating at a constant rate which will not only result in increment of sale but a better bottom line too.

The best thing about blogging is that your updates are automatically spread all across the web, including promotion on twitter, Facebook and other social sites. Once you get a readership, it is your responsibility to keep the readers happy by posting quality posts and interacting with them.

Blogging has a lot of challenges about it, biggest ones being posting interesting post which are informative too. Post about your services and other relevant information like trends, stats or maybe external links. Think outside the box. But do not overdo it. It should be informative but not a hub of nerds.

One more suggestion: make sure that you promote the policies and priorities of your company. Get your blog be supervised by executives of communications and marketing because that will give you more authority and will help in generating new sales. In the end I would say that Blogging is not a difficult task. Anyone can do it! And not only is it low-priced or maybe priceless, it has countless advantages.

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Traffic Blogging With Donna And David

Coach Sean Mize Teaching What The Tin Claims 65 Minutes Audio Training [...]


Internet Marketing

Powerful Blogging

Affiliate marketing is one way in which bloggers utilize their blog to generate revenue. [...]


Internet Marketing

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