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If you would like to get in shape and be ready to defend yourself should you find you are facing an attacker, why not consider martial arts? There are a number of disciples that focus completely on self defense offering you a powerful workout and the confidence to know you’ll be okay if you find yourself facing an attack.

Some of the more popular martial arts for self defense include:

Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is an excellent discipline to learn how to protect yourself, especially Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which teaches you how to handle pressure, how grapple, two important skill when facing any violent attacker. You will also learn striking skills and how you should fight in close quarters. You won’t just get stronger and fitter, yo will have an arsenal of skills to defend yourself. 


Boxing helps you to get into shape, and it also how to defend yourself if you are faced with an attacker. You will learn how to spar and how to attack in close quarters. You will learn punches, kicks, and defenses all of which you can use to protect yourself. You will also learn how to keep your mind calm and focused. You will not be able to defend yourself if you are scared and unfocused. 


Kickboxing emphasizes attack deflection. Most knife lunges or punches are straight at you; therefore, defense can be as simple as stepping to the side, creating a lateral line toward your attacker’s arm, and then striking the attacker’s knife or punch hand while striking his lower back, belly, or side with your fist. That’s just one move that you will learn to protect yourself. 


Aikido is based on the assumption that when your attacker makes his attack he leaves some part of his defense vulnerable. You are taught not to resist the attack but rather use their momentum against them. 

Wing Chun

Wing Chun focuses on delivering rapid left- right punches to your attacker’s chest, sternum or solar plexus. You will learn how to block your attacker with one hand and immediately take your other first right into his chest, which turns into continuous double punching. For a woman that’s about 100 pounds this actually lands up being about 300 pounds of force, so you can see why it is effective.

These are just five common martial arts that can teach you how to defend yourself against any attacker. This also builds self confidence and as a result actually lessens the likelihood that you will be attacked.

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