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  Best Self Defense Tips for Ladies  

Self defense, it’s a subject that’s often on the minds of women. Now it’s not about being dark or being a worrier – most women are well aware that the likelihood of an attack are minimal but that should there be an attack unless they are prepared the outcome will not likely be good. So let’s look at some things you can do to help keep yourself safe. 

If you are at home alone and someone you don’t know rings your doorbell, don’t be too quick to answer. Ask questions about who it is and don’t open until you are sure. You can also either fake a phone call or actually make a phone call so that you are talking to someone on the phone when you answer the door. This is a deterrent to the person if they are up to no good.

If you are leaving work late at night by yourself, if you are riding the subway and your stop lets you off in an isolated area, etc. look for options that would keep you safer. For example, maybe your office has two exits one that sees more traffic than the other, or maybe you can get off one subway stop later and be near restaurants that are open. Think your routes out and try to avoid desolate areas. Don’t cut through parks or alleys at night. 

Don’t walk, jog, etc. with your earbuds in and your tunes turned up because you are not able to hear any approaching attacker. If you must have your music playing, turn it down and put only one earbud in.

Listen to your gut – your instinct is a powerful tool, yet too often, we ignore it. Don’t worry about being rude. If you feel like someone is following you cross the street if they cross the street turn around and yell ‘hey what are you doing following me.’ Tell them you are calling the police and proceed to dial on your cell phone. They’ll be gone in a flash.  You can also head for a café or something that’s open, and don’t be afraid to place yourself into a group of people on the street. There’s safety in numbers.

You should not be fumbling for your keys as you approach your car. Have your keys ready. Having your keys in your hand also acts as a weapon.

If you are attacked:

  • Shout, yell, scream – back off, I don’t know you, leave me alone, etc. You can even yell fire that often gets attention.
  • If they are suddenly upon you kick the side of their knee. They don’t have to be real close to do this. If they are close go for the eyes. Put your thumb over the eye and push or just claw and scratch.
  • Don’t give in and don’t stop fighting. That is unless you feel yourself tiring. Then play like you are resigning yourself. Your attacker will think you are surrendering and loosen their grip. Use this moment to break loose and run. 
  • Try to remember the details of your attackers face so that you can identify him later if the police make an arrest.

I hope you enjoyed the tips.

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