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  Easy Self Defence For Women  

Women need to be confident they can protect themselves in the event they find themselves facing an attacker. Knowing easy self defense techniques ensures you are ready for any event and that builds your self confidence, which in turn, reduces the likelihood that you will actually face an attacker, because attackers are looking for an easy target. 

Use your fingernails as a weapon

If you are attacked, one of the handiest self defense tactics a woman has is her nails. You can use your nails to slash at your attacker. Not only does the slashing make it more difficult for your attacker to attack you are actually collecting DNA under your fingernails that the police can use to help identify your attacker.

Don’t be afraid to kick

Your legs are incredibly strong making them a good weapon for defending yourself against your attacker. Try to kick at your attacker’s knee, groin, or shin. Kick with as much force as possible so that you injure your attacker enough that they are unable to fight back. 

Strike using your palm

One of the best self defense techniques available to women is to learn how to strike you’re your palm. Use your dominant hand and aim your palm at the nose of your attacker. Thrust your palm upward aiming to hit by the nostrils as hard as you can. This will cause the now to bleed, the eyes to water, and it may even break the nose. Once your attacker’s eyes begin to water, it’s your cue to run. 

Use your elbow to strike

Your elbow is strong, which makes it a good weapon to strike your attacker with, providing your elbow has not been pinned down. Aim for spots like face, neck, or ribs.

The choking defense

If your attacker is choking, you and they are doing it from your front you can use either of these self defense techniques to break free. If you are being choked, it’s likely your arms are free. Take your strongest hand and press the your pointer and middle finger with as much force as you can into the soft part of your attackers neck just under the Adam’s apple. This not only chokes them it surprises them and they’ll let go –now run!


Anytime you are able to disable your attacker even just enough so that you can break loose, you need to run as fast as you can away from them. The goal is to always disable your attacker enough so you can do this. So if you hit them in the nose and they release their hold run, or you kick them in the groin and they fall down run. Every opportunity to run needs to be taken – do not stay anywhere near your attacker. 

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