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  How to Avoid Random Attacks  

Random attacks are becoming more common in today’s society. Often they occur in the most unexpected places. You are walking down the street and suddenly a random attack occurs – what do you do. This is a very scary experience, but when you know how to protect yourself and handle the situation, you will walk with self-confidence. Ironically, you then lower your risk of experiencing a random attack.

Let’s look at what you need to do avoid a random attack:

1. You need to be alert at all times. Whether you are walking, jogging, walking the dog, running, or out on the streets for any reason. You need to stay observant the entire time, because this is your first line of defense against an attack – knowing there is someone following you or in your space. 

2. You need to determine if you are really being followed. You should use your intuition and instinct to make your decision. There are things you can do to help establish whether you are being followed such as crossing the street. If you feel that the person is definitely following you, you need to act – you should never ignore your instinct.

3. Give yourself a positive pep talk – this is not the time to panic. You must be thinking clearly. Start to think about how you are going to handle the situation. 

4. Have a look around your surroundings, watch where you are going, look for options that are available to you. If there is other people around slip into their groups. Find a public space that you can hang out such as a café. 

5. Don scared to turn around and check if person is getting closer. This sends a message that you are aware of the follower. This often scares them away.

6. It’s time to take action. You could stop dead in your track; drop whatever you have in your hands except for anything you can use as a weapon like your keys. Scream very loudly “Stop following me.’ Or “Go away – I don’t know you and I don’t want you to follow me.” Yelling “fire” often draws attention from surrounding areas – remember you will have to yell it very loud. Or yell anything else that comes to your mind. In the majority of cases, you being loud will be enough for them to take off. Keep yelling to draw attention – remember your attacker does not want attention

7. If you are in shape, you can start running and put distance between you and the attacker. Always head towards public space. Avoid dark spaces such as alleys, woods, or fields. Make sure you don’t find yourself in a dead end. If it is night and you are scared look for any public space. 

8. If you have a cell phone and you are scared, you should call the police right away!

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