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  How to Maximize Damage  

When it comes to self defense, you need to aim for the body parts where you will be able to do the most damage quickly – the nose, eyes, knee, and groin. Let’s look at how you can maximize the damage you do to your attacker with yourself defense moves.

Use your head, knees, and elbows – these are the most sensitive parts of the body, which is why they are the most effective for creating damage. Use your elbows, head, and knees to inflict injury – they are your body’s built in weapons. There are a number of videos on YouTube that show you how to best use them to inflict pain.

Use common objects

You carry weapons you might not think you have. There are common objects you carry with you like your keys. Hold your keys between your middle and ring finger when you are walking alone to give you access to an instant weapon. Doing the same with a pen works great. Hairspray or perfume in your attacker’s eyes, or toss dirt/sand into your attacker’s eyes. The point here is to use what you have available – think of common objects as weapons and consider how you might use them to your advantage in the case of an attack.

Leverage your body weight

No matter how big or small you are, or how your strength relates to your attacker, you can defend yourself with the strategic use of your body and the law of physics. That’s the principle that’s behind many martial arts and self defense programs, which is why a smaller person can actually defeat a larger person. Self defense isn’t just about kicking/punching, it’s about strategically throwing your body weight at someone. You don’t want to be exchanging punches with your attacker. You want to get the upper hand and injure him. You can target the most vulnerable parts using your body weight to successfully connect.
Resources You Can Access

A self defense class is the perfect way to get the best training so that you can protect yourself from an attacker. Below are a few places where you can generally find self defense classes offered.

* Local colleges and universities
* Local police stations
* Gyms and Fitness centers
* Women’s centers
* Women’s groups
* Martial Arts clubs
* Schools
* Purchase DVD’s

Learning how to defend yourself and maximize your moves can give you the advantage over your attacker.

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