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  Pepper Spray Rather Than Physical Confrontation  

Almost everyone will do whatever they have to avoid physical confrontation. Even at a young age, we often find ourselves facing bullies who want to hurt us. Sometimes, no matter how badly you want to avoid a fight there is just no way to do so. When you are faced with an attacker you need to find a way to stop your assailant, but pepper spray can be a better option than physical confrontation. 

What’s Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray is a chemical compound, which is made using very hot peppers (Oleoresin Capsicum). Hot peppers are mixed with a resin that can be shot out of a small canister. Pepper spray is given a Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating, which indicates how hot the product is. There are different potencies of pepper spray, so check the rating.
What Can Pepper Spray Do?

Just one blast of pepper spray will temporarily debilitate most any attacker. A stinging hot flood of pepper invades the mouth, nose, and eyes making it hard to move, see, and breathe. It impacts respiratory function, and will put an adult man out for around 20 minutes. None of the affects are lethal or long lasting. Spraying your attacker gives you a chance to get away. 

You can use pepper spray from a distance, which is a real benefit. You can protect yourself from a distance that is far enough away so that your attacker can’t strike you. It is considered one of the best personal defense tools you can carry.

Often just showing the pepper spray can, is enough to send your attacker running. Try to avoid physical confrontation whenever possible, as there is always the potential for you to get hurt. Of course, if it comes to that always fight to protect yourself using basic hand/body techniques. A situation can escalate very quickly and pepper spray can halt that escalation so it does not occur.

You can buy pepper spray at a number of locations. Many department stores carry pepper spray. As well, sporting stores, and some fitness centers will sell pepper spray. There are different sizes of pepper spray available. Pocket size is the best to easily carry on you – fits into a purse or a pocket. You also need to choose the strength of pepper spray. Many recommend going with the hottest formula for maximum results every time. After all, you life could depend on it.

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