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  Personal Weapons for Older People  

Seniors are seen as easy targets by predators. While this is certainly frightening, it is important that seniors are aware, because when they are they can take steps to make sure they are safe. If you find yourself facing an attacker you might have to defend yourself. Having some personal weapon skills can be the difference between being a victim and being OK. 

There are different types of weapons that seniors might want to consider not only owning, but also learning how to properly use. We are going to look at three personal weapons that are easy to use and can stop you from being a victim. 

Pepper Spray

A can of pepper spray is easy to use. Just point at the fast, press the trigger, and the pepper spray mist will take down the biggest of attackers.  When the pepper spray comes in contact with your attacker, it will get into his ears, eyes, and nasal passages. It will cause his eyes to water and burn, his throat to constrict, and his nose to run. Your attacker will have trouble breathing and it will be effective in stopping your attacker in his tracks allowing you to escape. It is the easiest of the three personal weapons to use, the most cost effective, and the least intimidating. 

Stun Guns

This is a very potent personal safety device for seniors, or anyone else for that matter. However, they may not be legal to carry or use in all areas, so check with your local laws. You touch the tip of the weapon to your attacker and it sends an electrical current through his body. Your attacker will immediately be incapacitated for at least a few minutes, which gives you an opportunity to get away. To use the stun gun you need to be close to your attacker. 


This is actually part of the stun gun family. Two electrical prongs are shot out and attach to the attacker, giving them a severe electrical jolt. Most tasers can shoot several feet so you can use them at a safe distance from your attacker. The taser is not legal in all areas so check for local laws.

All three of these options are non-lethal and they do not cause permanent damage. They are all excellent ways to protect you. You should always take a self defense for any type of weapon you are going to carry so that you can use it properly and safely. Always make sure a personal weapon is legal where you live before you carry. 

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