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  Self Defense Moves All Women Should Know  

Women are at greatest risk of injury or death with an attacker. There are some great self defense moods that all women should learn. Many are so easy that you don’t even need an instructor to learn how to execute them. While men are usually physically stronger, women don’t have to be helpless or unable to defend themselves. It starts with understanding where the body’s weak spots are and how to gain control of a situation. This is very important in self defense.

The nose is the most sensitive part of the body. If you are attacked from behind, throw your head back into the attacker’s nose. If the attacker is much taller than you are, then go straight up and back to connect. You will impact with the nose. The nose will bleed and most often be broken. That will give you time to make an escape. 

Another very effective self defense technique is called “grab and twist.” It doesn’t matter what the size of your attacker it works very well. You simply grab the man’s testicles either bare skin or through his clothing. This causes enough pain that your attacker will almost always have your attacker rethinking whether he wants to pursue the attack. At any rate, it will give you a couple of seconds to make your run for it.

Your thumbs are also powerful. When you use them correctly, there is little force necessary. Stiffen your thumbs and aim for your attacker’s eyes with your thumbs straight you want to poke into the center of your attacker’s eye. This can actually blind your attacker and cause him to need medical attention and it certainly slows your attacker down enough for you to make your get away. 

Don’t be afraid to kick at your attacker, especially in the knee area – directly on or to the side. This can knock your attacker off balance. You can also stomp on an attacker’s food, which can be incredibly painful. So make sure you understand how you can use your body to defend against an attack.

You should know all of the body’s pressure points, because when a pressure point is hit with enough force it disrupts the nerves and sensation in your attacker and can actually incapacitate them. Even the smallest women are capable of providing the strength necessary to do this, and overpower a strong man, when you correctly use a technique.

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