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  Self Defense Techniques Women Need to Know  

Walking home alone late at night, walking in an area that’s rather secluded, being at a party by yourself or just about any other situation where you are alone. Being with no one else puts you at risk, but we can’t always have someone with us so we want to share some self defense techniques that every woman should know that go beyond running away fast or spotting a potential attacker.

You might even carry pepper spray or mace spray, or another weapon, but if you can’t reach for it in time it will not do you any good. For most women their pepper spray is in the bottom of their purse. If you are going to use mace/pepper spray then make sure it’s easy to access. What you need to know that will work every time is what parts of your attacker’s body are most vulnerable. Then you need to practice so that should you face an attacker your skills will be automatic.

Find Various Ways to Defend Yourself

Your attacker is going to try to get as close as possible to you. If you are pinned to the ground and you are in danger of being raped or killed, you need to act fact. You must counteract the closeness and put space between your attacker and you. If you are pinned don’t waste your energy struggling. Instead put your hands on the shoulders of your attacker, then firmly lock your elbows out like you were going to spring forward and push him back. Pull your feet up and position them on the hips of your attacker. Now use every ounce of energy to push up.

When Your Feet are Pinned Down   

If your attacker pins your feet, your hands are still free so reach up and jam your thumbs into his eyes. Press hard as if your goal was to launch his eyes out of his skull. Then take advantage of his pain and temporary blindness and run. 

Kick up a Storm

If you can find a way to kick your assailant in the knees or groin do it. These areas are really sensitive so they make great targets. If you are lying down you can life your knee and kick your attacker’s groin. If your attacker is down but you see he’s going to come back you kick him hard in the throat. It’s times like this that your high heels can really be your best friend.

These four self defense techniques can save your life so learn them.

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