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  Self Defense Techniques for Teenagers  

Violence and abuse is a very real problem for today’s teens. It’s a good idea to provide them with self defense skills that they can use to protect themselves. The numbers are staggering, especially for young women. Did you know that 1 in 4 will be sexually assaulted, or 1 in 3 will face dating abuse? Having self defense skills builds confidence and ensures teens, both male and female, can take care of themselves. 

Chin Push

This works well when your attacker is very close to you or grabbing you from the front. You put both of your palms under your attacker’s chin, wrapping your fingers around the both sides of his cheeks. Now press really hard up and out. This snaps your attacker’s head back and messes up both his strength and balance. You can then bring your knee up and impact with his now exposed groin. Now get out of there! Run!

Turn the Key

If you are bear-hugged or grabbed, place your hand on the underside of your attacker’s arm (near the armpit), then pinch the skin hard between your index finger knuckle and the pad on your thumb. Twist as if you are turning a key in a lock. A few millimeters of skin pinches is the most effective. This really hurts and will defiantly distract your attacker.

Dead Arm

Self defense instructors will tell you to use this against an aggressive arm, which is the most common type of attack – it can be a punch, push, or an attempt to grab. As your arm comes in, you raise your arm on the side so you can block or push the arm out of your way. The other arm then punches your attacker in the bicep as hard as you can. This disables the arm for a couple of minutes providing you an opportunity to escape.

Knocking on the Door

This is a self defense technique to use if someone grabs you. Life your hand to the height of your shoulder then bring your knuckles down hard on the small bones on the back of your attacker’s hand. Think of the motion you make when you knock on a door. It’s that same motion. This really hurts and your attacker will break his grip on you so you can make your escape. 

All teens can use these four simple self defense techniques if they find themselves in a situation where they are being attacked. Of course, adults can use them too!

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