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  Self Defense Tips You Can Use on The Street  

You are minding your own business and suddenly you find yourself in a street fight or bar brawl. Maybe you said the wrong thing to the wrong person, or maybe you’ve been mugged. Here are 5 self defense tips you can use. 

Stay Calm

While this may seem obvious, it’s what can get you into trouble the quickest. If you keep your composure and don’t become afraid (Easier said than done) you will have a much better outcome. Remember your attacker isn’t the only one fighting and you can hurt him too. Maybe you have some fighting skills, maybe you don’t but you can throw a punch, kick, etc. just as much as your attacker, even better if you stay calm and focused.

Don’t Stop

Don’t stop hitting your opponent until you are sure they are incapacitated. Just keep on punching, kicking, holding, etc. until you are sure they are down. If you let go there’s a chance your attacker will come back up swinging and you could get hurt bad. 

You Aren’t Trying to Win

The focus here is not always to win. Remember if you use excessive force and hurt your attacker beyond self defense you could find yourself in court. If you manage to knock the wind out of your attacker, you don’t have to keep hitting – he’s out for the count – now you just have to run and get to safety, and call the authorities. 

Know Your Limits

If your attacker has a weapon you shouldn’t be arguing with him. Do what he wants or you could find yourself shot or stabbed. Putting up a fight for the $20 bucks in your wallet and credit cards that can be canceled isn’t worth risking your life. There is no win for you in these situations. 

There Are No Rules

This is the street not the ring. That means you can hit, pinch, gouge eyes, fish hook, pull hair, kick, or do whatever you need to do to get the upper hand. To avoid being kicked in the groin, you get the first kick in and then run. There are only two places to avoid hitting – the spine and the head, because those could land you a court date as a result of serious injuries.

If you find yourself in a fight – the best line of defense is any defense that will work for you to keep you safe. So give it what you got!

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