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  Self Defense Tips You Should Know and Study  

Knowing how to defend yourself against an attack by using common objects in self defense, how to develop mental toughness, and how to know what are real defenses rather than phony defenses can all help to keep you safe.

Self Defense Tip 1

Self defense training teaches you how to shorten your OODA loop, which is short for Observe- be alert, Orient – who’s around you, Decide – what your course of action will be, and Act.

Self Defense Tip 2

Almost every common object can be improvised to be used as a weapon of self defense – keys, a rolled up newspaper, an umbrella, a jacket, etc. Always consider what you have and how you can use it to defend yourself.

Self Defense Tip 3

Listen to your instinct and act on it. Too often we ignore what our instinct is telling us – don’t! Listen to your fear and act on it. Don’t worry about being socially polite. In too many cases, a victim had an instinct they ignored. Don’t be one of those statistics.

Self Defense Tip 4

Ambush your attacker. Rather than waiting for your attacker to make the first move leaving you at a disadvantage, give yourself the upper hand and unexpectedly attack your attacker. The better you are trained the more opportunities you will see to ambush your attacker. Having the ability to position yourself so that your attacker can’t reach their weapon gives you the advantage.

Self Defense Tip 5

Keep your cool. It’s actually quite common for a victim to lose their temper, often as a result of fear, when an attack occurs. The problem is when you lose your temper you lose your perception, your reaction time is affected and so is your coordination and accuracy. So learn how to control your temper and your emotional response so that you remain level headed and focused. This will ensure the best outcome. 

Self Defense Tip 6

Take a lesson from the oldest battlefields. Think like a commander and know what your enemy’s weapon is. Knowing what your attacker has for a weapon lets you run scenarios quickly through your mind looking for the best way to get the best outcome. You are going to react much differently between an attacker with a gun, knife, or just his size. At the same time, any time you head out you should consciously acknowledge what weapons you have available to you, such as your keys. 

These six self defense tips are a good start to helping keep you safe. Self defense training is available in most communities, and is certainly worth considering.

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