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  Be Specific in Your List Building  

Building a loyal mailing list of potential clients depends on building up a relationship with the people on your mailing list. That way, they will feel some obligation to visit your website and pay for your goods and services. That kind of loyalty can only be created if the people on your mailing list feel that you are speaking specially to them; a generic email sent to your entire mailing list will not do that.

Niche Marketing

You need to split your mailing list into different niches. Therefore, to enable this, you will have to gather some information through your opt in form or from a follow up form later. You can also get a clue about your mailing list sign ups from the websites at which they sign up, so you could split your future mailings according to these criteria: anything which gives your mailing list members the idea you are speaking specifically to them. Your marketing materials should therefore have a personal feel to them, too. 

Softly, Softly

Your best selling will be done when you aren’t trying too hard to sell. If people on your mailing list feel that you are trying too hard to make them buy something, they will react against this and shy away from buying from you. They may well also be so upset with you that they will opt out of your mailing list and you will have lost an opportunity.

Write your emails as if you are writing to a friend. Offer useful advice in a friendly tone. Don’t ram it down their throats, but present your business as the solution to their problems and they will be likely to see the benefit of being on your mailing list and staying on it so that they can be helped by regular communication from you.

Create a Win Win Situation

For list building to be a win win situation for you and your subscribers, and therefore have the best chance of making money from it, you should ensure you send your mailing list only useful information which is relevant to them. It’s like with those life Cover Plans for 50s, when you’re in your 20s and 30s – don’t you just hate getting those! Don’t commit such a faux pas with your own mailing list. 

If you get your mailing list right and know who your subscribers are, you can use the mailing list to really boost your online marketing efforts. You can use it to warm up potential clients or pre-sell goods and services. If you’re not using your list building like this, your business marketing is not as successful as it could be. It’s as simple as that.

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